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Protect And Restore The Tools
Your Team Need, With
Microsoft 365 Backup

Designed to enable the swift and easy recovery of your business-critical data, our Microsoft 365 backup solution will backup and restore everything from teams conversations to SharePoint document libraries.

Email & Calendars

Never lose another email, calendar appointment or contact from your 365 & Microsoft Outlook.


Safely backup all of the data stored in your team & user OneDrive accounts.

SharePoint & Teams

Never lose any files from your SharePoint, or any chat and collaboration from Teams.

Microsoft themselves
advocate the use of
third-party backup

Users often believe that because Microsoft 365 offers some data recoverability features, a backup is simply not needed. This is simply not the case due to the severe limitations of Microsoft’s native retention capabilities. Our Microsoft 365 backup lets you set your own retention policy, allowing recoverability well beyond the limits set by Microsoft.

Everything you need to recover and
restore your Microsoft 365 data


Safeguard email inboxes, and create copies of contact lists, calendars, emails and their attachments. Back up business-critical files stored in OneDrive and SharePoint. Comprehensively back up your Microsoft Teams environment. Safeguard everything from Team sites and channels to calendars and conversations. Backup to storage media of your choice.

Fast and easy Microsoft 365 file
backup recovery.

Examine files/emails prior to restoration.
Reinstate SharePoint sites, OneDrive files and files stored through Teams.
Rewind the clock with point-in-time restoration. Restore your files to a local PC
Reinstate files to their original 365 location, or reroute them to a custom location within the cloud.
Fast and convenient search features make light work of retrieving lost files.
Apply default retention policies or customize them to suit your needs.

Complete Microsoft 365 Backup

Backup your data securely to the
cloud from only $59/month today!

Commonly asked questions about
Microsoft Office 365 backup

Yes. Unlike many of our other products, Microsoft 365 backup protects user accounts rather than individual devices. Your team can be backed up no matter what device they’re working from.

The backup is actioned from your backup server (hosted by your or by us) so as long as this remains running your backups will run too.