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Defend Your Business-Critical
Data With Microsoft SQL
Server Backup

Our Microsoft SQL server backup offering is equipped with all the tools and functionality you need to comprehensively defend your data, and ensure the continuity of your business should disaster strike.

Our highly secure, intuitive backup solution for Microsoft SQL servers supports SQL server 2005 and onwards.

Protect Your Databases

Unlike file based backups that fail
to protect databases, we can
backup your entire database
applications to the cloud.

Fully Managed

We take care of the complex
setup and management of your
backup system.

Supported Recovery

Our team are on standby to
recover any (or all) of your data
that should go missing.

Backup for your vital

At the beating heart of your business will be your core database applications that store your customer data, orders, products and even invoicing.
Data that is absolutely fundamental to the operation of your business must be protected.

CRM Applications

ERP Applications

Document Management Systems

Financial Management Systems

Fast and fully supported restoration,
whenever disaster strikes.

We appreciate how important your database applications are to the operation of your business. Whether you're in finance, construction, manufacturing or hospitality - your database is at the very heart of your business and must be protected at all costs.
Our team will not only monitor and maintain your backup, but are on-hand to support with the recovery of any lost data.

Complete backup and protection for your databases

Backup your data securely to the
cloud from only $59/month today!

Commonly asked questions about our
Microsoft SQL server Backup

Yes, multiple backups from the same device can be performed at the same time.

Absolutely. Our management portal lets you schedule backups down to the minute. You can also define retention policies using customizable retention range policy templates.

You can configure cloud storage as the end destination for your data, with support for many providers, including Amazon S3, Google Cloud, Wasabi and Backblaze. Alternatively, you can host backup data on your own hardware, such as hard drives or an FTP/SFTP server.