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Defend Your On-Premise
Storage With Synology
NAS Backup

Secure and recover your Synology NAS files and folders, with our DSM 6&7-compatible backup solution.

Local Data, Protected

Get added peace of mind by
protecting your locally stored data
offsite within a secure cloud.

Great Value

Protect your invaluable data from
accidental loss, deletion, theft or
corruption with our cloud backup.

Fully Supported

Sign-up & forget - let us take care of the
configuration, management and maintenance
of your complete backup service.

Everything you need to safeguard your
network-attached storage…

Your file data protected in the cloud

Our backup solution is compatible with Synology DSM 6 and DSM 7.
Back up all your network-attached files and folders.
Route backed up files to another Synology NAS, a cloud storage destination or a suitable local storage device.
Change-based, incremental backups designed to save valuable storage space.
Deduplication avoids creating unnecessary data copies, preserving storage and bandwidth. Flexible backup scheduling.

Effortless file recovery and

Reinstate your files to the same or different Synology NAS Micromanage your restoration, with the ability to select specific files and folders for reinstation.
Intelligent and efficient point-in-time restoration, offering the ability to restore past versions of files.
Fast and intuitive sort/search features make finding documents and folders a breeze.

Complete Synology File Data Protection

Backup your data securely to the
cloud from only $59/month today!

Commonly asked questions about our
Synology NAS backup

You can route your Synology NAS data to another Synology NAS device, another suitable on-premise storage device or to a number of compatible cloud storage providers. Encryption secures your data as it travels and at its final destination, and compression and deduplication make optimum use of your storage.

DSM 6 grants Synology NAS backup unrestricted access to shared folder and files, including system files. DSM 7 introduced certain security features which make backing up shared files slightly more difficult, with Synology NAS backup unable to access such files by default. During installation, the shared files you wish to backup can be identified and selected through the Synology control panel.

Yes, Synology NAS affords to-the-minute control over backup scheduling. Automate hourly, daily, weekly or monthly backups, or pre-programme your backups to run at precisely intervals of your choice.

We’ll provide you with the necessary Synology package file which will install the backup client on your Synology device.