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Backup Your Files And Folders

Our comprehensive backup and restoration service for files and folders. Protect your Windows, MacOS and Linux hosted files. With full at-rest and in-transit encryption, your data is kept under lock and key until you need it.

Lightning-quick, impenetrable backup for
files hosted on

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • MacOS

Never lose another file

Backup various file versions,
allowing you to recover any file
from any point in time..

Restore files in a flash

Recover any file or folder on an
individually, or restore your whole

Meet compliance needs

Define a custom retention policy
and protect data based on your
regulatory obligations.

File & Folder Backup

With our following service, we provide you with everything
you need to build a successful project in the virtual world



Microsoft 365

Backup file data that you store within OneDrive, SharePoint and other Microsoft 365 apps.

File Server

Backup data stored on your
file server - whether that's on-premise or in the cloud.

Large Files

Even large design, artwork or video files can be backed up and protected.

User Files

Capture data used by your teams on whatever devices
and systems they work within.

Files and Folders backup –
commonly asked questions

Files and Folders backup is designed to back up user-specified documents and folders. For a more comprehensive option designed for full system backup and reinstation we recommend our Disk Image Backup service.
No, we deduplicate all data stored to the same location automatically. The system automatically detects pre-existing data to avoid creating unnecessary copies, saving you valuable storage space.
Absolutely! For MacOS and Linux the system backs up open files by default. Windows users simply have to ensure the “Take filesystem snapshot” box is checked in order to use this feature.
You can take advantage of cloud storage provided by the likes of Amazon S3, Google cloud storage or Wasabi. Alternatively, provision your own hardware in the form of hard drives or FTP servers. The choice is yours.
No, we impose no restrictions on file types or sizes. For some files however there may be a more suitable backup product in our range. Our MySQL backup for example would be more suitable for protecting MySQL databases than Files and Folders.

Backup everything, restore quickly

Backup your data securely to the
cloud from only $59/month today!